Sunday, 15 May 2011

275: British Sea Power, Berwick Village Hall, Sussex

Definitely makes a change from Brixton Academy. I'm at Berwick Village Hall, in the peace and quiet of the Sussex downs, for a matinee performance from British Sea Power. It's the first time (I think) I've been to a gig which started so early, not including festivals, and it was brilliant. Walking out into the bright afternoon sunshine with your ears ringing is much more enjoyable than walking out onto dark rainy London pavements avoiding the drunks, beggars and dog turds.

Having been to the odd BSP gig before, it came with the usual quirkiness but with added bonuses - a venue that held just 150 people, a great set (really enjoying Valhalla Dancehall now) and brilliant acoustics.

As usual the merchandise stall is without equal in the Western world.

Made me laugh. "Valet parking £1". It's just a big field.

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