Friday, 18 June 2010

257: Trash Monroe, Railway Hotel, Southend on Sea

This was a good but weird night out. I wasn't expecting too many people to be there because it clashed with the England v Algeria World Cup group stage match (world's worst match, 0-0). I watched most of this downstairs in the pub in an unfeasibly comfortable armchair on a massive projector screen, listening to commentary from BBC 5 Live which was 10 seconds ahead of the picture, so you knew what was going to happen every time.

Eventually wandered upstairs to the gig and the room was packed out by the end of it, maybe 60-70 people. Was good to see Death Of The Elephant live, Triptycon is one of my favourite songs by anyone this year. I lost about 2 seconds of video while I tampered with my new camera about a minute in, although the picture does suddenly become quite a bit brighter.

While fiddling about with the settings I also found out how to take "black and white and grainy" photos with ease. I feel like a real photographer now!

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